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                         Sumitomo Cyclo gearmotors are currently the highest regarded in-line drives. The revolutionary Sumitomo Cyclo design will provide dependable, peaceful and proficient performance which outshines preceding tooth gear layouts. The crucial element to Sumitomo Cyclo’s superb gearmotors efficiency and reliability is the fact that about 70 percent of reducing mechanisms are constantly in touch, as opposed to the geared types that routinely use constrained tooth connectivity. 

The Sumitomo Cyclo's motors, in contrast to the geared layouts, mostly work in a compressed state as opposed to shear, causing outstandingly shock protected functionality. The technological advances of this brand, combined with cutting edge components and also service options, will offer you a comprehensive array of attainable system possibilities.

Sumitomo Cyclo comes with a wide selection of gearmotors suitable for many different technological applications. 

These engines are obtainable in numerous designs, proportions, dimensions, horse power and calibrations. It is based upon your gearmotor necessities. This brand are continually committed to the creation of top quality transmission. They do co-operate with Industrial Technical Research Institute (ITRI) to successfully evolve the most up-to-date solutions in transmission options. Every one of the gear engines at Sumitomo Cyclo will be built and produced within the manufacturing plant by a team of experienced engineers in order to support superior durability, performance and precision. In the long run, they have prolonged endurance even when utilized in the most demanding situations. 

The Best Way to Pick a Sumitomo Cyclo Gearmotor.

The selection of a Gearmotor is dependent upon torque demands and precise horse power at the output shaft. A Sumitomo Cyclo gearmotor offers excellent capabilities when compared with a tremendous span of reduction proportions, routinely allowing the use of minimized power needs (smaller horsepower engine) effort with absolutely no sacrifice of resultant shaft torque. You will be advised in the preference procedures any time you're searching for the most perfect motor for your purpose. 

The Information You Require To Get Started In your Selection Process.

For you to pick the appropriate transmission motor for your needs, it's crucial for you to be aware of the subsequent features: 

• Purpose - the sort of machine being driven.

• The number of working hours the equipment is being operated per day.

• The rate (Revolutions Per Minute) and Motor horsepower (HP) needed.

• Position of installation. 

When there happen to be any kind of distinctive aspects within the environment or any other procedure demands, they should also be taken into account. This data will help within ascertaining the application’s Service Factor. 

Service Factors and How To Use Them.

Ordinarily, gearmotors will be rated in accordance with the working requirements and particular situations of the application by utilizing Service Factors that are AGMA-defined. 

In the event the application happens to have operating circumstances that are especially severe, you can just follow the process of product choice. You will, for this reason, ascertain and employ the Service Factors with a view to accommodate severe performing conditions. The standard ratings for Sumitomo Cyclo are typically based on a 10 hour day-to-day service under particular conditions of unvarying loads. 

Standard Input Speed of Sumitomo Cyclo Gearmotors 

The normal speeds are generally 1,165 and 1,750 RPM. The Sumitomo Cyclo option tables are normally in line with 50, 580, 870, 1,165, 1750 revolutions per minute, et cetera. When using input velocities that are non-typical, the torque and horsepower ratings may also vary. 

Limitations of Thermal Capacity in Sumitomo Cyclo Gearmotors.

The Sumitomo Cyclo Gear Electric Motors, by virtue of their own lack of friction and clean running, might have thermal scores that surpass by a large margin their mechanical norms, but typically eradicates these conventional limits because of the heat. More traditional helicoid gears tend to be in some way uneven and also limit consistent functionality. 

The Sumitomo Cyclo Gearmotors Drive Guide.

If the eccentric undergoes rotations, it may well roll at least one cycloid discs, according to the type, round the ring gear housing’s interior area. The activity that results is not distinctive from that of a disk rolling interior of a ring. Since these cycloid discs turn in a clockwise direction in the ring gear, the cycloid discs move in a counter-clockwise direction within their own axes.

The cycloid discs’ teeth interact successively with pins of a mounted ring gear. Backward revolving is, therefore, generated at a specific velocity. The speed rate mainly depends upon how many cycloid teeth are located within the cycloid disc. For each and every cycloid disc, there is always no less than one less tooth than rollers inside the ring gear casing. This translates into the velocity ratio being numerically identical to the teeth within the cycloid disc. To conclude, as the high-speed shaft completes one revolution, the cycloid discs, in turn, go in the opposite course by a single tooth. 

This revolution of cycloid discs is now carried to the speed shaft through the rollers and pins protruding through holes in the cycloid discs. The speed shaft pins and at times the ring gear pins can also be outfitted with wheels to permit the torque transmitting portions of the Sumitomo Cyclo gearmotor to rotate evenly. 

Will Sumitomo Gearmotors Perform With Inverters?

All current Sumitomo Gearmotors feature magnetic wire that is corona protected, which extends the insulation life and enables the gearmotors to resist the voltage rises that are typical with IGBT drives of adjustable frequency. 

Is The Selection Procedure For Sumitomo Gearmotors Much Like Former Gearmotors?

The variation is generally limited to applications which have large numbers across the line that starts and stops. Because of the fact that Sumitomo Gearmotors possess increased inrush current and more inertia when compared with past integral motors, supplemental support factors are given to such applications which use Sumitomo Gearmotors. The selection process with regard to fractional units has not yet altered. 

What Is The Standard Insulation System?

The Sumitomo gearmotors still come with the Class F system. This limits the temperature increase to a Class B rise, in which it fixes the allowable heat rise to 80°C. It utilizes insulation systems that are capable of handling a rise of 105 degrees Celsius so that it will lengthen insulating endurance significantly. 

Are Sumitomo Gearmotors Interchangeable With Earlier AF-Motors?

The new Sumitomo gearmotors without brake have exactly the same proportion of 10:1 range of torque speed as the previous motor. Sumitomo Gearmotors are efficiency and dimensionally-wise distinct thus VFD re-programming is required.

Check [www.automatedpt.com/sumitomo/](https://www.automatedpt.com/sumitomo/) for more details about Sumitomo Motors.
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